Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doughnut Plant NYC

379 Grand Street, NYC, NY

I visited the Doughnut Plant twice this year, One of the many recommended doughnut shops in NYC, this past spring, but revisited for a 2nd tasting this fall. They are located a few doors down from the Chelsea Hotel. Their hours are 6am till they sell out! Which you think would be early in the day since there is always a line out the door, if not near the door.

Doughnuts are a tiny bit pricey but well worth it.

they have daily flavors in both yeast and cake doughnuts, and a good variation of signature doughnuts like the Creme Brulee, Yup that's right a little round pocket filled yeast doughnut filled with Creme Brulee and coated and caramelized sugar! One of the most original flavors that I have run into and actually raved about on several occasions when the topic of doughnuts comes up this year.

I also tried the carrot cake and oatmeal ( cake version's ) doughnut, nice but didn't stay with me as far as experience. Though the Pistachio Yeast was quite nice, and subtle with hints of Vanilla.

My 2nd trip back I tried a Raspberry glazed (Yeast version ), which btw was big as my head and out of this fricking world, I also had a taste of a blackberry jelly filled (Yeast Version ), also just as Yummy! worth the cost too.

This time I was so pleased I made a U turn, got back in line and insisted I take 2 more for the road, they ran short on the Banana Cream filled Yeast, Not surprised, just the sound of that makes me salivate, so I substituted for a Valrhona Chocolate glazed Yeast, and grabbed another Raspberry Glazed Yeast. The Valrhona Chocolate was Amazing! like comforting and decadent with out being too heavy fantastic.

I would also like to add that, on both occasions this hip and hipster frequented spot, was surprisingly managed by delightful employees, they even serve hot & cold specialty beverages, with the volume they turn out in dough alone, and with indecisive, local and tourist ridden patrons, it can get really hectic, but hey always remain polite and even friendly! Yes it can be done!

I think I need a Frequent doughnut card for this place. 
2 thumbs all the way UP! 

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