Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fractured Prune

255 N. Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

I have decided that I need to slow down with my research for health and dietary reasons.
The Fractured Prune is a small franchise shop given the strange name after Prunella Shriek,Whom owned much of the land in Baltimore in the late 1800's. With locations in Maryland, Ohio, Delaware and PA.

We ventured about an hour outside of Philadelphia to a sleepy little neighborhood in Lancaster PA, The shop sits on a corner next to a head shop called Puff & Stuff, How convenient.

This isn't a typical overview of doughnuts, they specialize in custom made to order cake doughnuts.
With dips and sprinkles and glazes of variations for your hearts content.

You can chose from their custom specialty flavors that have been around since 1976, or the daily specials, Of course you can also make up your own concoctions.

I chose to pick a few off the old and new menu and make one of my own.

The frying and dipping station.. They seem to have a California surfers theme at this location.

Once you place your order you are given a card until they make your fresh hot masterpiece order.

Once your card is called, you are handed this bright purple little box with HOT DOUGHNUTS!

Of course after the drive and wait, the excitement is all I can stand.

My order consists of ( from Top Left to Right )
Plain Jane - Standard Cake
Apple Cinnamon - Apple Dip, Cinnamon sugared
Blueberry Hill- Blueberry dip with powdered sugar
Sand - Glaze & Cinnamon sugar
Strawberry Shortcake- Strawberry dipped, gram cracker and powdered sugar.
Nutter Butter- Vanilla Glaze and peanut butter chips

Plain Jane, which is a just a Fresh Cake doughnut with nothing added. 4 Stars easily! batter, lard, flavor and yes temperature was awesome!

Apple Cinnamon - was not Apple tasting enough. *1 Star for average flavor

Blueberry Hill- Really nice, good blueberry flavor ***3 Stars for good Burst of flavor

Sand - Glaze & Cinnamon sugar *1 star, underwhelming

Strawberry Shortcake- Strawberry dipped, gram cracker and powdered sugar. My 2nd favorite of the flavored -*** 3 Stars, very original, good berry flavoring.

Nutter Butter- **2 1/2 stars for flavor, a bit messy when the heat from the doughnut melts the peanut butter chips make it a delightful gooey mess.

The doughnuts are small but scrumptious. after we finished the half dozen I purchased another half for take home. However it loses something special once they have cooled over a few hours.

I give The Prune 3 stars***


  1. Your dedication and attention to detail is admirable. Excellent work!

  2. Sad to say, but the Fractured Prune in Lancaster permanently closed on 4/19/15: