Monday, April 26, 2010


15 Haddon Ave
Haddon Township
, NJ 08108


 I have been dreaming of Doughnuts! I woke up at an unusual hour of 7 am Saturday morning, and all I could think of was, How fresh the doughnuts were going to be at my next bakery stop. I threw on some clothes, Yanked my guy out of bed and said " lets go get doughnuts while they are fresh".

 We headed over the bridge from Philly about 15 mins and we arrived at McMillan's Bakery. Situated on it's own little lot in a cute and still dated/retro town of Haddon Township, This Bakery feels right at home.

The sign alone brings my mouth to salivate.

I walk in and the smell is almost indescribable. Nothing smells better than a bakery in the morning, It's when most of the work is done.

I grab a # and stand in like of about 4 people.

Of course no need for the #, but It tells a lot about the place. It tells me at some point and time this place can get so crowded that you would need it.

I seem to get a little frazzled in my head when I take notice of the selection of doughnuts, Even though in my head I am repeating, 1 glazed, 1 jelly, 1 cake and 1 specialty............

This time I was thrown a curve ball, I knew from doing my research that this place was famous for their Creme Filled Doughnut, but I didn't expect them to carry Cider Doughnuts as well, Not only did they carry Cider Doughnuts but they had them in 2 different styles, Sugared and Glazed.

What's a Cider Doughnut? A cake Doughnut that contains Apple Cider, usually coated with cinnamon and sugar, And mostly found at Farm Stands or Orchards.

So what did I leave with...

A nice neat tied up bakery box of,

1 Cream filled specialty

1 Glazed

1 Glazed Cider

1 Sugar raised twist

1 Vanilla Frosted Cruller

1 Jelly Filled

Glazed***, Nice clean batter, cooked just right, good air, didn't stop my heart but still deserves 3 stars.

Glazed cider***, Ridiculous moister, and in a good way, though I didn't taste the cider as strong as I would have hoped, and I am comparing that to all the other Cider doughnuts I have had in NJ & PA. I think I would have enjoyed the Sugared version more than the glazed, it just made it a tad too sweet. It also leads me to wonder about the moisture in one of their classic cake doughnuts, which i need to go back and try another time.

Jelly * This was one of the most underwhelming of the half dozen, the raspberry jelly filling was too clumpy, the dough was not stretchy,and a little dry. Sometimes even when I don't like the filling, i find happiness in the dough, neither was the case here.

Sugar Raised Twist* a little dry and a lacking in the air department. One star as well.

Vanilla frosted Cruller *** Wonderful! very eggy, almost like had a doughnut and an omelette at once, Ok not really, but it reminded me of a Popover flavor, I think the Chocolate frosted version of this would have left me on cloud 9. 3 stars!

Creme filled Specialty.***

This is the one that people are making all the "Hoopla" about.

Let me say first the filling is a direct throwback to old fashioned frosting with granular sugar bits, not that new whipped cream that is made with confectioners sugar. BTW they also have a powdered sugar version of this beauty.

Dough is nice and clean, filling so sweet it would make your teeth fall out, Also if your looking for a major sugar rush this is the guy for you. It's definitely worth a try. I give this one 3 stars, especially if your looking to try something different.

I think I need a 2nd trip back to try some more of the alternate ones I didn't get.

Over all McMillans was a lovely bakery with way more than doughnuts to offer. I give this local gem 3 stars.


  1. That's about 1 minute from my house. Which is why my gut is so big.

  2. While growing up, my grandparents lived within walking distance of McMillan's. I've been going there as long as I can remember- my family has been going there since it opened! That whole area hasn't changed much in 60 years. It actually used to be vibrant with business when I was young, and it became a bit depressed -many closed stores, which cleared the way for all of the new places who are wisely keeping the look and feel. It is now seeing a renaissance...

  3. they have cute little tiny donuts at the ritz. also, super good hot chocolate.

  4. didn't know you were a donut pro! one more reason to dig the dakin!


  5. Commendable blog. Try Peter Pan Bakery. Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn.