Thursday, April 22, 2010


Farmers Market
Third and Fairfax
Los Angeles,CA

This isn't a local spot, It's nestled in the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, CA.
I was there last May. I only got one item but it was so delicious that I went back for the same item the next day.

60 cents will get you the freshest Doughnut you ever sank your teeth into.
 I was drawn to the Beignet for it's simplicity.

If your not sure what a Beignet is, It's a fried piece of dough, with out the hole, sometimes filled. this one was not. and it was heavenly. Tasting doughnuts from the West Coast makes me wonder if Philadelphia isn't really a "Doughnut Town".
Not that Philly does not have good doughnuts, but they are far and few. That makes this experiment that much more of a challenge.

I give the one Beignet 4 stars **** for air, density, flavor,

and Bob's Doughnuts 4 Stars overall on price and freshness, and an awesome experience.
I aspire to find a doughnut on the East coast worthy of the same rating.


  1. and it looks like they have donuts stuffed with kitties and dinosaurs! Delicious!

  2. went to a new place for breakfast recently called Tasty & Sons here in Portland OR. The breakfast/brunch was spectacular-- i'll spare you the details, but the first thing we had was a plate of chocolate/potato donuts. these were little "donut holes" served on a splash of creme anglaise. they appeared to have been _cooked to order_ from their hot, semi-gooey insides and the crispy exterior. A must-try if you ever get to Portland. -- patrick