Monday, April 19, 2010


847 West Ritner Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148-3747
(215) 271-7878

First off I would like to start off saying I learned a few lessons after my 1st round of doughnut tasting.
1. Get a picture of the bakery and the staff to add to the entry.
2. Only test the doughnuts in small tasting proportions, not full bites then powering through the entire doughnut after deciding which are most tasty, resulting in the feeling of wanting to toss my doughnuts afterward.

Frangelli's is located in deep South Philadelphia,  on a corner property, I have had their strawberry shortcake and rum cake that they are so famous for, but never their little round pillows of dough.
I did a tasting of Glazed, Cream filled, Jelly Filled ,2 cake frosted and one sugar twist. 

Based on a 4 star rating 

Glazed : ** Good flavor batter, Clean lard flavor, A little dense, not as airy as I would have liked.

Cake/frosted * Nothing to write home about, lacked in moisture.

Jelly ** flavor and dough were nice, esp the filling, but the inside was a little undercooked, i got a mouthful of raw dough toward the center.

Cream filled* very heavy, very dense dough, and heavy cream, my least favorite.

Sugar*** The sugared twist was my favorite one of all. nice stretchy chewy dough, not overly sweet. Not over cooked or undercooked. I would definitely go back for this one.

Over all the batter's were good in flavor, the lard was clean, no filmy residue left on the roof of your mouth, like cheap low cost lards that are often overused. Density was fair, Air could have been lighter.
I give the over all experience 2 and a half stars.

If you have the time to stop by Frangelli's for a tasting of your own, I highly recommend it over a chain doughnut spot.

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