Friday, April 16, 2010

In Search of Dough Perfection

While waiting for Krispy Kreme to open in PA, Once again after closing all of their stores in the tri state area, I plan to do a doughnut tasting, Mostly in PA, NJ and where ever else my travels of dough take me.

I plan on testing at least 3 types of doughnuts from each vendor.
Cake, Glazed, and Filled.
I will be scoring these delectable delights on 5 categories, 

Flavor of batter
Flavor of lard

And over all on a 4 star rating system.

Please recommend if you have a vendor/Bakery you would like me to test.


  1. You're performing a valuable service...thank you. May I recommend the powdered cream doughnut at McMillan's Bakery? The cream is the best I've had. On a side note, the nonpareil cookies are buttery wafers of heaven.

    15 Haddon Avenue, Haddon Twp, NJ

  2. I think McMillans and Wegmans are on my list for this weekend.

  3. Wow. My knees went weak when I looked at these tasty delights.

    Usually this only happens when nude models are walking around, but, I must have got lightheaded from the sugar high :)